October 5, 2016

Babies Grown Up- On Nursing No More

We have been wanting to wean Isaac for some time. We had our ten year anniversary this summer and were unable to get away due to it. I've been torn. I want to be "free" but nursing is such a precious thing and this is my last baby... Then Isaac began to bite (again) this last week. Two nights before last he bit a little, presumably from discomfort in his ears or new molars coming in, and I yelped "no" and he took a huge breath and wailed and wailed.

After this he sat up and cuddled his lion and averted his eyes. I comforted him and welcomed him back to no avail, which is quite unusual since he's typically an avid nurser. The next day he did the same. And again today. I tried one last time and he wouldn't even look at me and only cuddled his lion and looked away.

 Part of me is weeping over it (how sad!). And part of me knows I should take this opportunity. Weaning can be so difficult. Claire was rather easy but Sophie lingered and would cry miserably for weeks and even months after and I would have to refuse her again and again breaking my (and her heart) each time. So... A little boy happily going without and cuddling his lion, even though it's out of fear of getting in trouble, is something I have to "latch" on to.

So for the first time in six years I am neither pregnant or breastfeeding...

(dramatic pause).

It's the dawn of a new era!

I'm both excited and terrifyingly sad. Motherhood has been such melancholic sweetness of painfully blissful proportions.

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