August 5, 2016

Little Boy

Little boy. Good grief you're so sweet. I just want to freeze this day in time and cuddle you and love on you. You are so sweet!

I want to remember how your personality is coming through.

You are obssessed with climbing into chairs and sitting so big and proud like your sisters. You like to color like your sisters. And you smile so big!! When I point the camera at you, you give a big cheesy smile!!

The other day you were playing in the little cozy coupe in the backyard. I was reading a text above you and when I looked down you were giving me this cheesy smile thinking I was taking a picture!! So I did.

And tonight you climbed up in this chair and call, "Mama!!!  Mama!!!" and when I look you leaned over and focused so hard and colored so hard.

Here's you..

You LOVE affirmation. You just glow and beam.
You LOVE music and bopping around.
You like your people. You don't like to be alone. You want your momma and your sisters around.
You aren't crazy about new people... we feel like right now you're an introvert (who knows how long that will last).
You are cautious. You still won't walk. You stand and play (and slap your belly!) and you cruise around but you will NOT take more than one or two steps. You are not one for taking risks or chances. It's actually pretty fascinating!

We love you sweet thing!

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