July 4, 2016

Number Two Turns Three

Dearest Soph,
At this time three years ago I was laboring calmly in bed not knowing that within a few hours we would screech up to the hospital almost too late.

You came into the world so smoothly, with barely a cry and a double rainbow outside our window early on the fourth of July.

Tonight you lay exhausted, never napping, always waking early and living with a zest for life. We just came back from a quick weekend trip to the hill country for a wedding. We did splash pads, visited your grandpa and moved slowly as a family of five.

And today you turn three!!

This is the first year you are embracing birthdays. Every time we mention it you say, "My birthday party!!!" and jump up and down with glee.

You want a birthday cake and your "frenz" and most especially your "teacha" to be here. I'm afraid we will feel the first pains of a holiday birthday tomorrow as most people are still traveling.

Oh girl.. you are a joy!! You live life with such exuberance it's impossible to contain.

You say, "Why?!" about every. single. little. thing. You copy Claire even in (especially in?) her disobedience.

You always get undressed outside.

You can't talk quietly.

You don't pronounce "S" and say "fitting"(spitting), "faking" (spanking). When you are frustrated with Claire you call her sternly by her full name. The other day she hit you after I was certain you were provoking her. You came to me crying and I said, "Why do you think she did that?" And without missing a beat you said, "Because she's MEAN!"

( I'd like to clarify here how much you both adore one another and how amazingly you get along.. which is what made this even funnier.)

You love doll houses and big expressions. You don't like being out of control, or being overly wet or new situations.

You say, "Why you say, '________'?" and repeat a phrase that was just said, complete with tone and facial expression.

You love nothing more than your sister.

We love you so so much. You are a bright light in our family!!!

Happy birthday Sophie!

(Your second birthday).

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