July 18, 2016

Number One Turns Five

Five years. How long I've had the honor of struggling, shrugging, and settling into this role.

Five years. The numbers of years I have woken up and said good morning to this little face.

Five years that I have gotten to know this sweet, silly, intense and wonderful person.

 Three years of her being a wonderful big sister. Smiling at little sister's antics, hugging her and wanting to play with her every minute.

One year of having a little brother to coddle, kiss and say, "I'm so glad God gave him to us!" "He's the cutest baby ever!" She somehow even magically knows the right thing to say, when looking at a precious new baby she whispers, "He's cute- but not as cute as our baby."

Claire, you have an emotional barometer and can feel the tension, joy, excitement and pause in a room.

You want to please, succeed at school, and have affirmation from those around her.

Her fifth birthday she asked for a Paw Patrol party. We invited a small group of friends and met at a new splash pad north of town. Nan came by with a gift, and Papa and Lolo met us there. The storm clouds shut down the splash pad but the kids loved it anyway! They played, ran, slid, played on the playground and the clouds kept us all cool.
We love you Claire! I'm excited for what this Claire has to offer!


Leslie Merrell said...

Happy belated birthday Claire!! Hugs!!

The Reeds said...

Thanks Leslie!! :)

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