June 4, 2016

Isaac First Birthday- 12 months old

My little baby boy is one year old! And just like that, in the blink of an eye, the cliche is true. Time flies. It all goes so quickly.
Sleepy party boy.

Sweet little Isaac, this last month you have just blossomed into a little person/boy before our very eyes.

On your actual birthday we had our final gospel community at some friends' house with a shrimp boil.  I brought cupcakes for everyone and a big cookie cake that said happy birthday and a candle. We all sang to you and you dug in and I didn't get one picture. #sorryboutthat

Nan gave you a big green tractor that actually drives but for the time being that will stay in the garage and a pirate rocking ship. Aunt Bessie sent you a little tinker shop that makes noise. We got you a superman "figurine" and a Captain America t-shirt. About a week later Papa and Lolo came with a cake (chocolate with blue frosting) and you got a little red car from the movie cars. You immediately got on it and started trying to scoot around happily.

You are a happy boy. Most days you only get one nap because we are going places with the girls but you would prefer two. You sleep through the night and pull up everywhere. Just last week you started climbing! Up on the girls bed, giggling the whole way. Hiking your leg up on the hearth/piano bench/ you name it. You rock yourself on your pirate ship and just fall off head first and crawl away when done. You bang on your sisters' doll house, chase them around, and yell if they are in their room with the door closed.

You crawl around the backyard scraping up your knees and getting muddy but as happy as you can be. You like being swung high, big hugs, and lots of food. You eat black beans and absolutely anything else we will give you but you are NOT a fan of your crackers being broken in half or of cow's milk.

You still nurse about three times a day and you are partial to your momma.

If you can, you will grab a bunch of Sophie's hair since you think it looks like fun (she is NOT a fan of this). The girls are smitten with you and declare you are the cutest baby in the whole world.

You can say "mama", "ada" (and once "DADDY!"), "aight aight" (night night), bye and your very favorite "is" (this). You bark like a dog and love to read usborne touchy feely books and Dear Zoo.

I love your sweet hugs most of all.
blurry but sooo cute!

We love you sweet boy!

Happy birthday!!

(18lbs and 30 inches).

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