April 2, 2016

Victory in the Wee Dark Hours

So on April 1, by some act of sheer will power or divine intervention, I woke up at 5 am.

I woke up at 5 am and actually drug my lazy self out of bed.

I walked down the pitch black hallway, into the pitch black living room and sat in the pitch black listening to the clock tick and feeling the weight of my own eye lids.

I sat there and thought about why I wanted to be there. And I prayed. My head began to nod, and I thought perhaps a lamp or a coffee would help... But instead, like diving into a cool pool, I just pushed forward with no lights, or caffeine to aid me. Just prayer.

And you know what?

It was awesome and amazing all rolled into one. It was filling and relieving and gave me the space (and quiet) to actually think.

No one woke up and screamed (big bonus). I was all on my own and it was gooood.

I prayed for the whole hour- taking it in slow chunks and setting my timer for 10 minutes and doing my trusted technique (the classic ACTS- Adoration (10 min.), Confession (10 min.), Thanksgiving (10 min.), and Supplication (10 min.)) That doesn't add up to an hour.. but I find that once I get rolling on one I can definitely go for longer.. especially on confession and thanksgiving.. and supplication.. so basically all of them.

What I noticed was that after that I was... well.. awake.

So I figured I may as well drag myself further away from bed to the mudroom/office and read. So I did.  I read from a devotional I've been slowly nibbling through, then I read my Bible for 15 minutes, then I read some Radical by David Platt. And before I knew the next hour was up.

And still no one had woken up and screamed.

At this point Jacob walked in and asked how long I had been up and when I said 5 he said, "Oh no!! I'm so sorry!" Assuming it was sickness, pain or a screaming human. It felt so good to say, "Don't be sorry. I did it ON PURPOSE!"

If you  knew my knack and natural talent at night owling you too could stand in awe of this occasion.

With all humans still asleep I... now get ready... I TOOK CARE OF HYGEINE. It's a miracle! I flossed, brushed my teeth, took a shower, put on make up... Make up... on an at home day with the kids. .. Will wonders ever cease?!

And to top it all off I had some silence to just think and reflect on where I'm at in life. And when the first tiny warm feet padded down the hall I didn't lift my heavy eye lids in dread but instead I chipperly said, "Good morning!" as I stirred my coffee and put my breakfast dish away.

I mean.. wow.

Now that was victory in the wee dark hours!

1 comment:

Mana Laura said...

Wow, that is fantastic! I am impressed on so many levels!

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