March 7, 2016


Today I am cry in the middle of the aisle at Target tired. Our dear baby is yet another non sleeper. I've picked up and put down ala baby Whisperer, I've 5-10-15 ala Sleep Easy Solution, I've Cried It Out ala every mother's desire. I've cut out day time naps, overly respected day time naps and yet still here we are sleepless and at the edge of sanity.

And today Sophie sat on the carpet and peed such a heavy huge puddle. After cleaning it, later, I found her soaked with her tinkerbell outfit soaked... Only later as I sat nursing Isaac did I realize that MY pants and shirt were soaked... Yes.. my dear cutie had peed completely all out in our recliner.

I'm tired. Cry in the middle of a pee soaked recliner tired.

Happy parenting friends.


Stace said...

Bless you. I know that bone weary tired. Hang in there!

The Reeds said...

Thanks Stacy!!

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