March 15, 2016

10 months pointer (Almost 1, 3 and 5)

Today Isaac took one little finger and stared off out the window and pointed. His little lips puckered and his round cheeks so red I could pinch them...  Soon after I got a text from Jacob of Sophie "riding" a lawn mower on their daddy daughter work trip to Oklahoma and the sheer delight on her face almost made my heart burst.

 This picture just embodies her sheer delight in life. She does life so fully! Her latest saying is, "I juss fine mama..." (namely when I want her to go potty). She has started taking to Isaac a lot and I often find her talking sweetly to him and checking on him.

 An hour later I called Claire and her "secretary" (Hi Grandma!) answered and "Mrs. Reed" was just almost too busy in her office to have time to talk to me.

She's growing up so quickly!

She loves school, her friends, and teaching anyone who will listen about God and Jesus. Currently she is into building a "nature house" in the backyard where she can sit with nature and talk to God.

And I know that I am immensely blessed.

I am cleaning out and digging through drawers and closets and making the girls' room a big girl room with two twin beds. And little by little they grow up and we take steps and move forward.

Little by little.

Isaac at 10 months really is just all little boy and it's a wonder to watch. He rolls and pivots and mostly enjoys finding loud things to kick against (say a paper bag or the piano). I pick him up and move him to a quiet place and he smiles and works his way back to his percussion instrument of choice.

He lets me lay him back in the bathtub and rinse his hair and pour warm water all over his little body and he relaxes and straightens his little skinny legs out as straight as they will go and all at once I am a wonder at him. So trusting. His sisters would have never laid back in water at that age. He loves to growl, and "snort" and loves very little more than his two sisters. The comment I always get about him is what a happy baby he is.

I often come into the room to find him hanging on to a chair or the jumper completely pulled up and wobbly.  If he keeps that up he will walk before he really crawls!

He has given us a run for our money with sleep. Alternating between being a great sleeper and then going for weeks of screaming all night. We are now on our fourth night of hard sleep.

He refuses baby food once he sees table food and has two bottom teeth. Just recently he has gotten proficient at sitting up and not throwing himself back when angry. He will sit and play quietly for 20 or 30 minutes occasionally calling out for me to see where I am.

These kids are such a blessing. 

What a joy.

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