January 22, 2016

Wardrobe Staples- The Next Season

Some day (soon-ish), I will neither be pregnant or breastfeeding and it will be the first time in over six years that I can say that's true... How that is even possible is a bit beyond me. I first got pregnant in the late summer of 2010 and it's 2016 now.

Some day I plan on having a body that no longer looks like it has just been pregnant or that looks like it still IS pregnant.

And when that time comes my clothes for my prepregnancy weight will be almost a decade old and some of them much older than that. So... I'm looking at wardrobe staples lately and thinking about slowly putting money back for some quality pieces.

30 Pieces You Should Have in Your Wardrobe by 30 (or 40?)
-striped shirt/boat neck
-ankle length black pants
-ballet flats
-boyfriend jeans
-plain white tee
-ribbed turtle neck
-denim jacket
-stylish sunglasses
(amazingly/bizarrely I had all of these pieces on rotation while living in Prague and had to get rid of most to lighten my load when moving to Africa. Hmmm.)
10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own
-plain white tee
-ballet flats
-elegant blazer
-slip on tennis shoes
-striped shirt
-classic black pants
-classic pumps
-dark denim
-classic white shirt
-little black dress
10 Staples for Every Woman's Wardrobes
- black pants
-French cuff dress shirt
-black pumps
-day dress
-black suit
-evening dress
-dressy jacket
-evening clutch
-strappy sandals

Wardrobes Basics Checklist

What do you think are "staples" to consider for the mommy with not so much money but a big desire for timeless style?

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