August 9, 2015

To Love

In a marriage I thought to love the other person is the noblest thing you could do.

The reality is harder I think.

You have to love yourself in order to allow yourself to be loved.

As my years slink toward 40 my body leans further away from the ideal.

I moan, and yearn, and pine, and wish things were different.

I punish myself in my heart and head thinking it will make things better...

When really it only punishes the ones who want to be let in.

In reality it only pushes away those who reach in.

In order to be loved, you have to love... and sometimes loving yourself is the hardest thing of all.


Allison Hunwick said...

so true...learning this one right now as my body changes and days slip away and i don't feel like i'm 'doing' anything of significance or anything well. that someone can love me for me and not for how i look and what i do is beyond me....but thanks to the lord and my hubby i'm learning, bit by bit.

The Reeds said...

Oh Alli then he is a good man indeed. I learn it day by day from Jacob as well. I'm so grateful. Life is full of hard lessons but a lot of grace!

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