August 8, 2015

Things I learned

(These writing prompts are fun)

Things I learned today:

1.) The phrase, "I was raised under a cabbage leaf" means I was sheltered.
2.) We have a baby frog in our garden.
3.) Claire still says, "Nank you."
4.) All relationships, even healthy ones, go through cycles and stages and after big changes will cycle back but will never be the same.

Things I learned this year:
1.) All things pass. Even things you dread.
2.) It's always something. We'd just gotten our windows and roof taken care of from some hail damage when our washing machine flooded...
3.) Only I can set a Sabbath margin in my life.
4.) Three kids isn't any harder than two. It's just crazy plus a little.
5.) I have brought my children into a world that discriminates based on color which is sad and ludicrous.

Just showing up again. ;)

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