August 7, 2015

The Park

Tonight we met friends at the park.  At 8 pm. After bedtime with seven kids between us.

Because that's what you do when slides can bake eggs during the day time.

Kids brought a little pug wheenie and it ran around in its pink kerchief chasing my girls while they giggled uncontrollably as it licked at their faces in all of its teeniness while they ran and screamed like a monster was after them.

As the sun dipped lower I walked around the loop waiting for our friends to arrive and a happy little corgie in a red handkerchief sat and yelped and as I got closer I could see his little harness and wheels for his back legs. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

There was a lot of sliding, squealing, and pale filling (not by the wheel-legged corgie mind you).

Now that's a summer night I can get behind.

Night night y'all. Just "showing up" again. ;)

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