August 24, 2015

Summer Colds- We are sick

This may be one of the less impressive posts ever.

But we are sick. This is Isaac's second cold and he's not 4 months yet. Not surprising when every sibling sneezes snot on you and insists on kissing a gillion times each day.

We're sick. Mommy can't sleep with a headache and chills kind of sick.



Allison Hunwick said...

Oh friend, so sorry. Praying for you all....healing, strength, peace, an abundance of grace and love. Hang in there mama!! You're so amazing, such massive respect for you. Just over a week left till our little babe is due and mamahood truly begins on this end....crazy!! LOVE YOU. XO

The Reeds said...

Thanks Ali! We are finally feeling better. And I CANNOT believe you are a week out!!!! (or three depending on baby's stubborness/preference?);) I"m soooo happy for you. Praying for a safe arrival.

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