August 14, 2015


In my little anger bible study I've already learned a lot.

Namely small things like, anger isn't love.

Dur right?

But it's been a big revelation for me. When I start to feel frustrated, and indignant my heart whispers, 'Anger isn't love', and I back off of my high horse.

I want to love my people more than I want to be right... That's for sure.

Also, I've learned that anger isn't the root of anger... Pride? Guilt? Fear? Control? Etc. Something else is at the root and it is likely a constant combo of soooo many different things.

So focusing on the anger and not being angry isn't going to help. But rather focusing on why I'm angry- and realizing it's not loving and not a godly response.

Already it's helped me to back down and stay calm when normally I would have been internally ripping my hair out and stomping my foot.

Today is a random, crazy, wild, unbelievably blessed day where EVERY tiny human in my house is napping.. What?!!

Also, today the girls were in the backyard and I heard the giggle... You know the one.

The very naughty-something-is-happening giggle.

Then I realized the girls were in the dog house (really a utility shed with a doggy door).

Claire said they were playing camping. And I said, "Oh don't do that!!! It's so dirty in there and there might even be ticks!"

Then she said, "But we like their beds!"



And at lunch she confessed that they both ate the dog food, and she ran her little fingers down her neck to show it going down and made a grimace then said, "I don't think that was a very good idea!"

Yep.. That was our day!

Here are some links I've loved today

She always has great links.

Piper on why you don't like other Christians. So good!

Best advice for new moms. (my heart was saying "yes!!" when I read this).


Allison Hunwick said...

love the "best advice for new moms" link...sent it to my hubby and sister (who will be here for our birth hopefully!). a week in bed with my baby sounds like the best thing ever.

The Reeds said...

OH Alli I think it's the best advice ever. Revel in those slow new days. Even our KJ friends stay in their huts for several days. Be kind to your body and hunker down with your tiny human. They are painful but beautiful days.

Personally I stay mostly in for a several weeks.. staying away from big crowds and having a "sabbath" of nursing... slow hours of holding a tiny hand and helping a little mouth suckle. Such sweet times those are.

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