August 19, 2015

Selling Something

We're all selling something.

Sometimes it's the idea of a certain theory, or book to read, or political party. But we're all selling something.

The thing we "sell" to whoever has ears on their head, is something that we feel is valuable. It is something that has impacted us on a daily level and has made our lives better.

It may be a parenting strategy, a hair gel, or a special diet.

When I had to go off dairy with Claire I remember feeling less in a "fog". I would tell anyone who would listen how much better I felt despite myself. What I mean by that is I REALLY want to feel well and my very best while subsisting on buttercream icing and gorgonzola cheese washed down with sour cream. But the simple truth was living without these things I loved made me feel better. It really really did. And I just had to share it with anyone who would listen.

You can see where I'm going with this. (Or maybe you can't).

Our faith is valuable. We say it is the most important thing.

But it isn't something that most of us "share" convincingly and say how great it is and you just have to try it.

Sometimes I cringe and want to cry inside because I think why that must be.

Why would I be willing to tell someone who has gone dairy free before to no avail that they just really must try it again. They just must!

How and why could I be so bold about something so unimportant?

Why is it harder to share about my faith?

And quite simply sometimes it is that we don't believe. In principle yes. But in reality, we don't want to say, "Try this! It will change your life- I promise!!" because we're not sure.

What if it doesn't?

Who am I to say?

Am I changed?

The answer for me is yes. Yes I am. 

But just like going off dairy, after being back on it and undisciplined for some time I lost my passion to share about it because I was off shamefully buying thumbprint cookies at the bakery and throwing away the packaging before I got back with my family.

In the same way, my faith grows stale when I don't fall down on my knees and cry out to the Lord. When I don't cut out frivolous things and when I erect idols and alters out of foolish things like myself, control and enjoyment.

The minute I cut these things down I'm flooded with joy and peace that I want and must share.

I'm telling you guys.. if you haven't you simply MUST try this. And I mean it. You too will be flooded with joy and peace and you will just have to share it.

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