August 6, 2015


So often there is nothing to say and these posts sit silent. Then months or years down the road I look back and wish there had been more of a record.

I swear I do something during the day.. I do.. I really really do.

This morning the minute my feet hit the floor we were getting ready, brushing teeth and hair, getting dressed and waking baby brother and all loading in the car.

Admittedly this isn't normal. Our norm is Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street while I feed the baby, get myself awake and decent, and get breakfast on the table then cleaned up. By then it's 10 before we even dream of going anywhere and by then it's too hot to be at the park currently or even outside since we have little shade (Oh what I would do for shade!).

But not this morning! We swung by the local donut shop, then went to the park. We had been there for no more than 5 minutes when everything spiralled out of control. I had forgotten Sophie's shoes and it was already in the 90's. In the rush to get out the door Claire hadn't gone to the bathroom and before we knew it her wet pants were h anging on the stroller while she screeched down the slide haltingly in wet panties.

Oh brother. And come 9 pm I rock an inconsolable baby since now it seems I'm making water rather than milk and I think to myself, "I did do something today didn't I? Didn't I?"

I come out to see cushions thrown off the couch, laundry baskets everywhere, and Fisher Price little people strewn everywhere. Not to mention remnants of supper on the table. And all I want to do is watch Dateline like I'm 90 since I feel like I wasn't alone for more than 3 minutes during the day and did squat for "me".

And I have nothing to share it would seem.

But I showed up. ;)


The Kowals said...

First off, G you're a great Momma and I love all the new posts -- even the unsexy "life is pretty tough right now" ones. They are actually some of my favorites, motherhood is a shared battle. It is easy for no one but from the outside in it can look easy. Secondly, you're an amazing writer. I love to read your stuff :)

The Reeds said...

Thanks Amanda. That means a lot. It really really does. You know I'm your biggest reader/fan as well!

The Kowals said...

G, I'm pretty sure besides me -- you're my only reader! Hahah

The Reeds said...

No way!!! Either way it's worth it to me to keep writing. Please keep writing!!

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