August 12, 2015

Make the hate stop

Do you want to know what I think?

Well I will tell you what I think...

The hate crimes, bigotry and general stupidity must stop.

While many eyes are trained on the horizon of global epidemics, war and politics, underneath our noses a putrid smell has been rising that can't be ignored.

I'm tired of hate crimes. I'm tired of young unarmed men being shot down. And we debate?

Even if they were doing something illegal or that seemed illegal the debate should stop. Simply put, of a different race those youth wouldn't be gunned down or harmed.

It's ludicrous and the numbers just keep rising.

Silence is the enemy and you are agreeing with it by not saying anything.

I'm grieved, ashamed and saddneded.

Today a family from our church, who has served our community so well, been so faithful and loving had a hate crime committed against them and for no reason.  Not just that but against their young son while he was throwing trash away...

Racial slurs painted on their dumpster right beside a swastika.

You may feel like the problem is far away but it isn't.

You may not fear to take your trash out or for your teenage son to walk home from school or even around the block- but can you imagine wondering if he could have a hate crime committed against him just for his color?

Not for an action. Not for any reason at all... but just for being there.

It has to stop.

Has to.


Mike and Emily said...

Oh ugh! I'm just crying about this. I'm so saddened and disgusted about what happened to your friends. I agree. It just has to stop. It's different hearing this from a friend and knowing it happened in their own community. Please let them know I'm praying. And thank you for bringing this out of the radio programs to our own hearts.

The Reeds said...

Thanks Emily. I'm so shocked and saddened. What is going on in our nation? These bizarre hate crimes sound like they are from the 50's or 60's but it's 2015. Something has to change.

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