August 13, 2015

#3 3 months old And Other Happenings

This guy is 3 months old.

I'm so glad he's mine! He is sweet, cuddly and happy (now that I'm dairy free of course).

He smiles freely and coos. He even smiles for his big sisters now.

Goodness he's a warm, soft, baby smelling little ball of happy. Worth. Every. Month (of pregnancy). Worth. Every. Push too. :)

Love him!

13 pounds 12 oz.- filling out 3 months clothes and his little feet are threatening to burst out of his 3-6 month jammies already. Eek! My baby!! He's growing and going to be moving away and getting married before I know it! #exaggerationalert

With my other kids I got them on a routine and followed baby whisperer pretty closely. Morning naps around 10, then around 1, and  cat nap around 5. Never nursing them to sleep etc.

But I don't have the heart yet! I'm nursing this sweet little plump monkey to sleep and not caring when he takes overly long naps... And.. He's just as happy as he can be! 

He nurses late at night, is pretty flexible, and wakes up about once a night between 3 and 5. He sleeps in a while and is so happy.

In other news:
Big sisters at the park. I think we are working past some of the bumps from incorporating a new little person. The girls are playing so well together (mostly). Thank God! I've read some great books on anger, sibling issues etc. and have adjusted some things I've done which I think help.

Today I overheard Claire playing and singing, "Jesus is the boss! Jesus is the boss!" I took a mental note of how cute it was and went about my business as she sang on and made up lyrics (which she does often). Later I tuned in and she was singing, "I wish I WAS THE BOSS! I wish I WAS THE BOSS!"

That kid!

 And the little guy at church. ;) What can I say? I'm a grandma at heart.
Here is at 2 months old, and below at 1, 2 and 3 months.
(Can't you just see how miserable he was at 1 month?? He would wake happy, then eat and just spew projectile spit up out of his nostrils and little mouth like a gushing angry fountain then he would scream for at least 30 minutes. Poor thing.. :( If he didn't spew first he would look miserable and cry and scream then up to an hour later spew.. I've never seen anything like it...) And we've been spew free since I gave up dairy for good on July 16. Woot!
The girls at 3 months.. Claire on the left with her "What you talkin' bout Willis?!" look.


Stace said...

He's so cute! Glad to hear he is doing well.

The Reeds said...

Thanks Stacy!!

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