July 1, 2015

Baby 3 at 7 weeks or "Struggle- bus! Party of 5!"

Struggle-bus party of 5!

This has been a hard two weeks.

Crying peaked, fussiness peaked, not sleeping anywhere peaked.

When Claire was 5 weeks she was cooing, smiling and socially interacting.

When Sophie was about 8 weeks I remember talking about how things were not so much fun... Even though I had just blogged how she was such an easy baby at 5 weeks (and she was seriously easy). Still.. at the end of the day "babies be babies" right?

When Claire was almost 2 months I wanted to remember the good so I posted because she mainly screamed non stop. At exactly 2 months I posted how it was really hard.

So sweet Isaac you smile but it's far and few between. You are, I'm thinking, a "grumpy" baby by the Baby Whisperer standards.

You startle easily, are sensitive to noise, you don't like being touched too much and you're not overly expressive.

I would think this is absurd to say about a baby but number 1 was already super social and expressive by 2 months (true story). Number 2 was already seriously easy and laid back by 2 months. And you are.. YOU! You are sweet, quiet and observant but also a little easily made unhappy.

I think you will like tender touches, kind words etc. It's crazy but already you like words of affirmation. I know it sounds crazy but mark my words. You're not so big on touch or time but kind, gentle words work wonders.

Sophie is 2 in 2 days and boy.. She's climbing out of her crib, saying "NO" to everything, ignoring us, and taking off her diaper constantly (and peeing in her bed). Mainly Sophie LOVES "bay bu" (baby brother) and panics when he cries or she sees his paci anywhere but his mouth. She constantly tries to cover him with a blanket and she's only satisfied when he is clearly happy, with a paci in his mouth and a blanket on him.

She has recently had a language explosion (I think PDO in June helped), and I finally caved and we put her in panties this week.

She always imitates her sister and her love language is physical touch. She's a cuddler.

Claire is almost 4! She is a big big girl. She acts just like a mom in some ways and dad in others. She is hyper, silly, expressive and intuitive. But she is also responsible, shy, a perfectionist and has a strong sense of "ought".  She is practicing some major attitude but mostly is obedient, kind and helpful. Her emotions get away from her. Her love language is entirely quality time (like mommy).


The Kowals said...

Love this. All of it. O babies, 0-4 still babies all the stages are an experience that grow us, don't they :)

The Reeds said...

Yes!! Who knew we would "grow" so much with them.

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