July 8, 2015

Anniversary #9

On this day nine years ago I had a beautiful white dress hanging on the back of a door I couldn't wait to put on.

On this day nine years ago people I treasured loaded up, packed bags, lugged children across miles and miles to a tiny town in Texas.

On this day nine years ago we stood on glazed stones in a long church hallway with sun streaming through sun lights as we hugged the necks of so many dear friends and family. Many of those sweet people are no longer with us.

Nine years ago today we ran out of the church exuberantly as friends and family tossed bird seed. It was like the beginning of a wonderful romance/adventure novel and the end of so many other chapters.

Nine years ago today.

Happy anniversary to my partner in it all.


The Kowals said...

So sweet, happy anniversary lovebirds!

The Reeds said...


Leslie Merrell said...

Such a beautiful day!! Congratulations!!

The Reeds said...

Aw thanks Les! I sure do love you friend!

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