June 6, 2015

Who They Want Me To Be

Being pregnant is hard. It's hard on mommy, daddy and the kiddos.

Then having a new human is hard. It's hard on mommy, daddy and kiddos.

So behavior has been haywire.

Driving down the road I thought to myself how "all" I want is for them to be patient, kind, cuddly, obedient (immediately), sweet, loving, and cute.

 Is that too much to ask?!

How ridiculous that sounds!!

So I thought to myself, what do they want ME to be?

I'm sure little children just want their mommy to be:
  • fun
  • patient
  • kind
  • available
  • cuddly
  • loving
  • willing to play (immediately)

Of course I can't be those things!! 

And so of course... they can't be all of those things either...

I need them to be patient and realize that mommy isn't always available to listen to every story, cuddle, play.

In the same way I need to have grace for them as little tiny people who also aren't always "on their game" or perfect.

I needed that reminder!

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