June 3, 2015

Newborn Sabbath

Disclaimer: I have few friends who feel like I do on this topic so I'm not knocking anyone else's view.. This is just how I, an admittedly flawed and oh so often wrong person,  see it.

A few weeks back I shared this on my instagram feed.
And there is something so true about it for me...

With every baby I keep my newborn away from crowded situations and too much "out and about" by keeping them more or less home bound for six weeks.

This is outdated and especially uncool in the free-range, "crunchy" parenting era we are in where baby-wearing, oil diffusing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, no vaccine and homeschooling is the rage (and seems even the norm) and where the strength of your breastmilk is thought to save your baby from every germ.

But since it's my last baby I'm noting how I've played my hand at this.

I figure all over the world and for centuries past women keep their babies at home for a specified amount of time. So I figure, there must really be something to it.

Logically speaking if an infant gets a fever they have to do a spinal tap so that's big motivation as well.

Here's why I find it fascinating...  I admittedly don't read myself well AT ALL (it's a huge fault). So I'm a little mystified by my own response.

I'm an extrovert through and through but there is something glorious, beautiful, quiet and even sacred to me about this time period.

I love people, socializing, hosting and just getting out. I really do.

But when the baby comes... I love nothing more at all than the silence.

I love nothing more than the cessation of busy schedule.

Than the "free pass" of staying home to sit and quietly rock a baby.

Nothing more.  Seriously.

I consider it a type of Sabbath in and of itself.

With our first baby I really battled feeling trapped, hemmed in and like I was wasting my time.

But more and more I think it's beautiful. I don't have big kids in school, I don't work, I can just sit.. and rock, and "shhhh", and pat, and burp, and nurse...

It all passes quickly.

In these silent moments I get to reflect, dream, hope and pray.

And that's a beautiful thing in this "newborn Sabbath".


kristinbednarz said...

You are seriously on to something here, my friend. OWN IT! I love it! And I'm jealous!

The Reeds said...

Thanks Kristin!

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