June 5, 2015

A Letter To My Future Self II

Hey there!

A ways back I wrote a letter to my future self and have found joy in rereading it now (from the future) so I want to repeat this.

Some day, you will forget what this stage is like.

I want to remind you.

Isaac is almost 4 weeks old. He is sweet, sleepy and mild tempered. The little guy likes to sleep and eat a lot and is putting on weight quickly.

But acid reflux has crept in and he claws his little tiny hands, pushes away, grunts and grimaces in obvious pain after feedings. You sit and hold him for up to 30 minutes, shh him, try to burp him (with little success), try to catch the massive spit up and roll him quickly when he is choking on it.

During the day you wrap him and swaddle him and relish the last baby you will carry about.

The girls bounce from room to room giggling deviously then stopping to point out how "koot" baby brudder is (or "bay- bu" for Sophie). They stop to give him excessive kisses multiple times a day. Claire introduces herself to him over and over, "Baby brother don't cry! You're not alone! It's big sister here!" (to me) "He doesn't know who I am. He's scared. Maybe you should feed him."

Then Sophie chimes in, in alarm and says, "A-yying!!!" (crying!) more often than naught after she herself has come over and aggressively sent his swing lurching, waking him from sleep.  When she lets him remain sleeping she runs to me in alarm and yells, "Beep!!! Beep!!!" (asleep! asleep!).

Let us all pray he remains a heavy sleeper.


I sleep with baby brother in the nursery, up at midnight and normally between 3 and 5 and we fall asleep together in the chair and I wake with an aching neck and miserable at 5 am. Around 7 am we are both fast asleep for the first time just in time for the little padding of Claire's footsteps.

She climbs into bed beside us, almost crushing my glasses and baby brother's head as she admires him and slathers him in "gentle" kisses.

Good morning!

More often than naught daddy helps when he can and gets the girls started on breakfast and a show.

After Sesame Street we play. I try to do one "school" lesson (drawing etc.) or the girls play play-doh or paint.

If the weather allows we go outside but recently the mosquitoes are threatening to carry us all away and Sophie (or Bo-fee as she calls herself) has the water blisters and huge swollen spots to prove it.

We do lunch. The girls bow their heads and clasp their little hands together and Sophie shouts "Mennn!" (amen) when it's over.

The rare occasion where  Claire volunteers to pray just about melts your hearts.. she is the sweetest when she prays like this and talks to God from her heart thanking him often for herself (!) and her sister and baby brother, and thanking God that He is the queen (the terms are interchangeable for her) and asking that the mission-marries won't be lonely or scared.

So. Sweet. 

At moments like this you have hope that perhaps your parenting doesn't entirely stink after all.

But I digress.

Napping... We've just started doing "big girl rest time". The girls go down (with little fuss now and less routine than ever before (happy dance!)), and if they aren't quiet I start taking toys away.. then time-outs.. then consequences go on from there.

At one hour I crack the door open and Claire can sneak out (sophie is a good/heavy sleeper if they can get past the "play period" aka- throwing their bodies manically down on their pillows while screaming over and over).

Claire comes out and lays on the floor playing with matching cards, or "drawing" etc. I try to finish a Bible study, even letting her watch the Bible study video with me if she wants. She feels very grown up. I feel like it's a good example. Win-win.

When both girls are up we try to make it til daddy is home.  We go and get the mail, have  a snack, listen to music, go outside.. anything to make it pass.

This is the white-knuckle, pray to Jesus, hunker down and ride out the tantrum time period oftener than naught. It just is what it is friends...

Interspersed in all of this is a plethora of time-outs, giggling girls dancing, and me saying, "Claire, come here now! Claire, look at mommy. Claire, we use KIND words"... and "Sophie don't touch that. Sophie use listening ears. We use gentle hands. For the love of all that is wonderful we DON'T SPIT and LEAVE YOUR DIAPER ON!" etc. about 50 million times in the day while I nurse, burp, shhh and carry "baby brother" around.

Daddy gets home and God bless him, takes command of the ship while you often just stare into space or sneak off to Target with the baby to wander aimlessly down aisles for things you don't need.

He mans bed time (thank the Lord!) and after you clean up the dishes you nurse (cluster feedings have begun), burp, shhh and hold baby brother.

It's hectic and sweet and easier and harder than you could have imagined.

So don't forget okay?

Much love,
The you from today


The Kowals said...

I love this post. It's real life, helpful, encouraging and so fun to be a fly on the wall of a day in the life of Georgia. I'm very impressed ;)

The Reeds said...

Thanks Amanda. Can't wait to get our families all together!

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