May 6, 2015

Other Things to Avoid Saying to a Pregnant Woman

You know how you can't really know what something is like until you get a taste of it?

Pregnancy is like that.

I was always walking around shoving my feet in my mouth metaphorically- asking when the baby was due to my cashier who was of course not pregnant or even asking a potential student in front of her entire extended family if she would stay in the dorms after she delivered  when.. you guessed it.. she was in NO WAY PREGNANT.

So I've learned the taste of my feet the hard way. Figuratively speaking of course.

I've come a long way friends. I have since learned of many other things that seem innocuous but really make pregnant women cringe after hearing them oh... a million times.

Other things that pregnant women moan to hear:

  • "You know what causes that, right?"

Okay.. you don't know what to say.. You're trying to be friendly. You've heard it before and you think it's "safe" and "cute".

But you're "wrong". Let's just not okay? It's a new life. This woman is going to have all of the "cute" she can get in the form of hemorrhoids, labor and sleepless nights. So just can-it.

  • "Are you finally getting a________?!" (boy/girl)  

I hear what you're trying to say. You're being "friendly" and trying to "connect". But don't.

  • "Oh good! You're family is now complete." 

How in the world could that be misconstrued? We love you. We do. Normally we could look past this. But our body is being inhabited by another being and our souls flushed with hormones that make  being irate feel like second nature.

  • "You've really got your hands full."

Okay.. this one isn't so bad. But we hear it all of the time. We do. I try to respond with "full of blessings!" with a maniac smile and wide eyes. But this is like walking up to someone and saying other obvious things like, "You have dental hygiene problems", or something to that effect. Yep. Life is busy. A kind smile, a "you're doing great", "your family is beautiful" etc. are really the safe way to go.

Basically, "You look beautiful" or "you're doing great" really are win/win phrases to tuck in your pocket.

This may be the hormones talking. If it is, in say 8 months when all of this craziness has calmed down I will come back and delete it with apologies.

For now though I will leave it.

Am I missing anything? Is there anything you would add?

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