May 3, 2015

37/38 Weeks Pregnancy Number Three

How far along? 37/38 Weeks ... Kind of. This week we moved my due date up 5 days based on earlier sonograms and some other factors. So... almost 38 weeks?

My last update was at 36 Weeks.

Total weight gain: 31  pounds as of this morning. The heaviest I have ever been in my ever loving days and it feels like it.

Maternity clothes? Clearly...

Stretch marks? For sure. I did have a moment this morning where I looked at these new, always dreaded and horribly thought of stretch marks and I thought of this little boy and thought, "for him? It's worth it." and it is. And that's saying a lot when it's your own body being stretched open and vanity being obliterated.

Sleep: I guess on a positive note it is AMAZING that God prepares you for that sleepless first year with waking up every two hours to pee. So.. sleep- not so great.

Miss Anything? Losing weight. Seriously. Being comfortable in my body. Not being miserable. Just being honest.

But these are some things that have helped to encourage me lately...
Movement: Lots.

Food cravings: Cold drinks.

Gender: Boy.

Labor Signs: Not much which is too bad. I bought some raspberry leaf tea, Evening Primrose Oil (which I've never used but am trying this time), dates (I read six a day help to soften your cervix... and hey.. it's great for digestion right?! ;)),  and I really plan on scrubbing the baseboards and walking a lot. As always I try to eat lots of pineapple (I'll try anything!) and of course I try to keep the home fires burning (metaphor alert!).

I'm trying to be better about doing my Hypnobabies CDs as they really do help me to sleep better and they made such a huge difference with Sophie's birth.  I've had some more serious braxton hicks (more uncomfortable) and the most occasional pinching (pinching of the cervix for me is the most exciting). I wouldn't guess I'm dilated at all and maybe barely effaced. If given the choice I would LOVE to not be checked. I went my entire pregnancy with Sophie only being checked before traveling to a wedding and before pushing and it was GREAT.

Now I know I can trust my body. But... with baby boy being so large I don't think I'm going to accept the luxury of not being checked this time. I really loved it for me though.

I may go in for a massage (I love massages in pregnancy!) but I may ask specifically for reflexology.. I always ask them not to avoid those areas they are supposed to on pregnant women (ankles etc.) but maybe I will ask them to ONLY focus there... Hey... with the clock ticking on this possibly super large boy I'm really hoping to tip the dial in favor of earlier birth.

And have you heard of the purple line for knowing dilation? I would link to it but all of the pictures are of naked bottoms but I think it's really amazingly fascinating. As you dilate and baby descends blood circulation or pressure make a purplish line in between your bottom cheeks (no nicer way to say that). As the baby drops lower and you dilate the line gets lower and lower until as you push baby out your entire crack looks purple (Here is a great article on this if you are curious- beware the bum shot).

I will not be updating you on this.

You are welcome.

*Note: I love natural labor and advocate for it. I went past 41 weeks with both girls and loved knowing they were ready. I am only trying to rush things this time due to some possible complications. My OB doesn't want me to go past 39 weeks due to a possibly extremely large baby and I completely agree with her (which if you know me is pretty unchracteristic to want to speed things up). 

Over and out.

Symptoms: Uncomfortable.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? Way off.

Exercise: Not really. :( Shame-shame.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Super short tempered... I hate it.

Highlight of the week: A tea party with friends at a local tea room. A good doctor's appointment where we moved the due date up a bit.

I made a crazy "home maintenance" work book for all of the things you learn as you go (like lubricating the garage door every 3 months, or cleaning the faucet aerators... who knew?!) So.. trying to be a good grown up and nesting have come together in the mother of all "To do" books. I have it broken down by check lists by month if you want a copy.

On that list? Cleaning the shower heads and faucets. Check this out! (only a nesting mom could get this excited about this right??)

Looking forward to: Getting our back splash done... after TWO years of waiting.

In the Meantime: The girls are really seriously completely DONE With me being pregnant and I don't blame them.

But the beautiful weather has meant that we have spent hours like this...
 I can't tell you how hard these days have been... I have had super thin patience and NOT been a pleasant person much less mommy. It's been pretty humbling and painful.

The Gift of an Hour

It's been such a blessing when Jacob and I have been able to give one another an hour on the weekend. We started this last year. We set aside one hour for one person to go and just pray/journal/read. And then the other gets a turn. It's one thing to try to steal moments of prayer and Bible but to have a focused hour that you know your entire family is giving to you is PRICELESS. It really rejuvenates the spirit and I recommend it.

The Gift of a Loving Husband

You know the 5 Love Languages? Service is not normally how I feel loved but before each child I go kind of (majorly) crazy and have unrealistic expectation for projects and cleanliness.. Before Claire poor Jacob steam cleaned the entire house and more. 

Before Sophie I went kind of nuts about having a gate around our porch so the dogs wouldn't scratch our door (crazy... seriously) so he took off work, worked all day into the night with a headlamp and got that gate up only hours before Sophie came.

And now- this week someone is coming to finish our back splash, another guy is coming to professionally clean our disgusting main shower since I quit using harsh cleaners when I got pregnant with Claire (over 4 years ago!!) AND we are getting the carpets cleaned this week.. I'm crazy see???

... in my new home maintenance book I had recaulking cracks in the concrete on my to-do list but just couldn't manage the heat, squatting so long and the girls and I was becoming obsessed with it. He's been working long hours all week and worked all day Saturday planting and today when I came home from working the nursery at church (this was my last week... so sad!!!) he's in the backyard caulking meticulously EVERY crack and painting a wooden shelf that I got in my crazy head HAS to be painted before the baby comes.

Again.. service isn't my love language but in these small acts I know I am loved very well and very gently and genuinely. What a good good man.

I'm being too chatty. Over and out for this week. ;)

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