April 26, 2015

36 Weeks Pregnancy Number Three

How far along? 36 Weeks 3 days today (or 37 weeks 3 days based on my own "dates" but that's neither here nor there...) 

My last update was at 35 Weeks.
I know the flowers are silly but I feel like they distract from the poor quality pic. ;)
Total weight gain: 29 pounds.. I sit and then it takes me a while to get up again...

Maternity clothes? Clearly...

Stretch marks? I don't want to talk about it...

Sleep: Exhausted when I have to get up and go to the bathroom several times a night. If I don't drink enough then I sleep great. Go figure!

Miss Anything? Energy and moving quickly. I want to accomplish so much but I get really exhausted.

Movement: Yep! He feels like he's filling up my belly.

Food cravings: Iced tea (herbal) from a new tea place. Berry Patch Herbal is my current desire.

Gender: Boy.

Labor Signs: Braxton hicks- enough to be moderately uncomfortable but not enough to get excited.

Symptoms: Moody, uncomfortable, etc.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? Way off.

Exercise: Not really. :( Shame-shame.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Super short tempered... I hate it.

Highlight of the week: We just got our maternity pictures made! The girls were adorable and I'm glad they're done. And... we got our yard planted! I painted the lamp post and did other really absurd things. I'm mad I tell you! I become absolutely driven to accomplish crazy tasks.

Tonight I packed my hospital bag just in case and charged my camera. We had a not so great ultrasound in respect to the size of baby boy (i.e. he's not so small) so our date may be moved up more than anticipated. Let's look on the bright side, I won't be pregnant for over 41 weeks this time!

Also, I hired a baby sitter one morning and got to get a lot of tasks accomplished. Ah!

Looking forward to:Getting the house clean (crazy right?) because the week after we are having the carpets cleaned. I'm really getting the nest ready. :)
Desperate times call for desperate measures- fast food and Frozen "picnic" in the middle of the day
In the meantime: The girls are a little burned out with me not having a lap to sit in or patience to call on. Claire has been a threenager deluxe. I know that pregnancy is hard on them as well... As a treat tonight after our maternity pictures we got ice cream at Dairy Queen. We totally bribed them to get through the shoot because there was so much drama  and so many tears just getting there.

Also, today we took a family day since Jacob has started planting so we wanted a down day just to relax and enjoy each other.

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Leslie Merrell said...

These updates are so great - and you are beautiful! Almost there friend! Praying!

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