April 20, 2015

35 Weeks Pregnancy Number 3

How far along? 35 Weeks 3 days today (or 36 weeks 3 days based on my own "dates" but that's neither here nor there...)

My last update was at 34 Weeks.
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Total weight gain: 28 pounds.. NOT doing well in this department. Above is me unbrushed, no make up and feeling MISERABLE. Being this heavy is not cool (for me). I'm at an all time high for my entire my life and my body is tapping out and saying, "Lady... enough is enough... we can't take anymore."

Maternity clothes? Clearly...

Stretch marks? Oh dear. This last week several sprung up. I hate to be vain but they are very discouraging.

Sleep: This is crazy. Call me a nut (no wait, please don't) but I vaguely remember this from my other pregnancies but I have serious restless leg syndrome. I feel like my entire body is itching, twitching, on fire at night. It is really unpleasant and makes sleeping hard.

I have complete and miserable insomnia and I'm exhausted. But if I nap then I can't sleep at night and the cycle goes on. Let's just have a baby and let the sleeplessness serve a more obvious purpose.

 Miss Anything? My old body and being pain free. I'm in serious discomfort right now.

Movement: He's wriggling a lot at night especially or first thing in the morning.

Food cravings: Just junk.

 Gender: Boy.

 Labor Signs: Some pinching but I think it's from dehydration.

Symptoms: Swelling, discomfort, restless leg syndrome, heartburn. You name it I've got it at this point.

Belly Button in or out? Out.  

Wedding rings on or off? Way off.

Exercise: Not really. :( Shame-shame.  

Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty sad and kind of overwhelmed. I don't know why.

Oh wait, could it be people asking me how many are in there and acting in shock when I tell them how long I have to go still? Yeah.. maybe that doesn't help either.

Highlight of the week: We got the exterior of the house painted and new gutters and the ball is rolling on getting our backsplash done. I REALLY want to get this done before baby brother comes. Going to Amarillo for an Ethiopian Easter and meeting new friends was a lot of fun too!

Looking forward to: Family coming into town this weekend and that final (hopefully) ultrasound this next week (tomorrow now).

 In the meantime: The girls are so much fun. Claire is super clingy and wanting time with mommy. The girls play well together and Claire wants to protect her little sister. Spring has sprung and I'm getting geared up to work in the garden.. Who knows, maybe it will make labor happen earlier this time? ;)


Mana Laura said...

He'll be here so soon! Hang in there! I pray that all goes well in the last several days and all through the birth!

The Reeds said...

Thank you Laura!!! Each kind word is like water to a weary soul. ;)

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