April 9, 2015

34 Weeks Pregnancy #3

How far along? 34 Weeks today.

Where did the last two weeks go?! My last update was at a day shy of 32 weeks.   

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Total weight gain: 27 pounds.. the last two weeks I've been bad... Measuring 33 weeks at my appointment yesterday.  So... if you're curious.. that's about a 6 pound weight gain in two weeks... Uh-oh...

Maternity clothes? Yesss.

Stretch marks? Sadly... yes!

Sleep: Mostly decent but now actually favoring sleeping on my right side to get decent sleep... It's crazy how it changes!

 Miss Anything? Being able to bend over easily... and lay on my back... and eat however I want.  

Movement: Lots! He's fun and moves a lot.  

Food cravings: Not really... just not motivated to eat healthy right now. Tsk tsk.

 Gender: It's a boy.

 Labor Signs: Squat... I would like to feel more "pinching" and all again but nothing. I have had more very uncomfortable braxton hicks but nothing to write home about and I think it's more associated with my lack of water lately... :/  

Symptoms: Oh the swelling... the swelling!! I didn't swell so much with Sophie (number two) but this time I'm a swollen hot mess and pretty achy and miserable.

Belly Button in or out? Out.  

Wedding rings on or off? Way off.

Exercise: Not really. :( Shame-shame.  

Happy or Moody most of the time: A complete mood bomb. I hit a wall and every night at 6 pm I turn into a complete pumpkin. I'm exhausted, tired and don't want to move. Good bye second trimester energy!

 Highlight of the week: I got in the sewing mood and finished two car seat covers (summer and winter) and baby's official car seat cover set from Chicco came in and fits perfectly so he won't have a pink infant seat anymore! Yeah! Now it's black and grey.

I was pretty pumped to also make a minky cover for his newborn seat insert (which I didn't want to pay $20 for a new newborn insert that my babies only use for a few weeks).

I had to make my own pattern and wing the new born insert cover so I'm AMAZED it worked!

If you knew my sewing expertise you would be equally as impressed and surprised by these accomplishments. ;)  

Looking forward to: My next ultrasound at 35/36 weeks to see if little guy is (hopefully) not as large as they were thinking... Prayers appreciated. ;)

Also, we're doing some house projects (some insurance claims due to hail damage etc. that we are working on) so I'm looking forward to getting them all DONE before baby comes!

Before Sophie came we painted our panelling, put in a new back door, and updated our kitchen (mostly).

This time we are getting our house painted, a few new windows and new gutters (part of the hail damage), and we really really want to FINALLY finish the kitchen and get some back splash done.

 In the meantime, The girls are still sharing a room but just recently we've napped them in separate rooms (the past two days) and they've each been happier with a little rest. BUT they miss each other and feel like they're being punished being kept apart. I absolutely love that. ;)
From Top left to bottom right: 1.) my little gardeners, 2.) the girls helping my cousin Tiffany at her wedding shower, 3.) the girls playing in the rain, 4.) the girls hugging at Claire's pre-school, 5.) Me and my sister at around the same age... this pic reminds me of Sophie! 6.) Girls in the rain again.
They are so sweet and keep talking about baby brother and how they will protect him and how he will lay around and do nothing (their "new baby" books point out how little a baby can do so they have realistic expectations). Well, Claire talks about all of this. Sophie just randomly hugs my belly and kisses it.

Every week when I leave Claire at preschool she kisses and hugs me and then kisses my belly and says bye to baby brother. *sweet*!

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