March 30, 2015

Notes on Pregnancy Number 3 And On Being Overweight and Pregnant

Things I want to remember...

This pregnancy is clipping along even though most of the time it feels like I'm frozen in time.
Starting out pregnancy number 3 at 30 pounds overweight. I picked the most flattering picture so just trust me. ;) Family vacay at Gulf Shores Alabama. This was the EXACT weight of the day I delivered number 2 for reference...

At almost 33 weeks I have hit the third trimester wall. I'm exhausted, I have insomnia and suddenly I feel like a bloated fish out of water. Does that sound miserable? Because I kind of am.

We met with our doula the other night and I realized this pregnancy has had stages though each one felt like it was never ending. So I decided to document them here quickly.

With each pregnancy I go through a season of intense, almost crippling hip pain. I can barely stand and walking takes a bit of time. I have to go to the chiropractor just to make it along and it feels like it's lasting forever. I would say in hindsight this season lasts about ten weeks.

Amazingly... it passes! I only suffer from hip pain in my right side the remainder of the time and mostly only when laying on my right side at night.

Also, I have gone through an excruciating section in each pregnancy where I am pretty convinced I have Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. Even writing it, it seems like no big deal. But crikey.. it is NO JOKE. And it really feels overwhelming and all encompassing.. but guess what?? Speaking with my doula I was actually shocked to realize it's mostly passed. It also lasts about ten weeks.

In this stage for me my area below my protruding belly (that's a nice way of saying it) is in intense pain all day. I can't stand on one leg and rolling over in bed is so intensely painful I can barely manage it. My lower back hurts and it feels like my hips are unhinged. It's an almighty, horrible pain that really is all-encompassing.   My inner thigh (especially my left thigh) was in pain all of the time.

But.. it's almost entirely gone now! It's so crazy. So even though my belly is bigger now I'm in less pain.. crazy huh?

Lastly, I have to write about weight gain.
24 weeks ish and feeling so huge and bloated with number 3. I know it's all perspective...

If you were always at a healthy weight when pregnant then kudos to you. You earned what you have so I support you and am thrilled for you. Seriously!

I have had one pregnancy of intense weight gain (after the bizarre abdominal surgery), a healthy pregnancy (number 2) with average weight gain, and now I started out 30 pounds overweight.

I can tell you that being overweight makes SUCH A HUGE difference in your pregnancy (at least it did for me). You really can't know the misery of standing, the weight on your joints (knees and hips) and even the pain of getting in and about of bed until you experience it. I never want to forget how bad this feels...

In my healthy weight pregnancy I started feeling really uncomfortable at about 36-39 weeks. With these overweight pregnancies I'm miserable for several months. Everything aches and it's hard to move from position to position throughout the day.

We pull into the garage and I seriously sit there for about 3 or 4 minutes willing myself to move and get out of the car.

With Sophie's pregnancy I was just so shocked with how good I felt even late into the pregnancy. And with this pregnancy like with Claire's I am struck by the sad misery of so much weight. Not to be overly dramatic but this is my experience. And the difference is real.

I hope this wasn't too random but I wanted to share.

Later friends!


Mana Laura said...

Wow, I'm so sorry you've experienced all that pain but glad to hear it is passing. Can't wait to hear all about your new little one though! Happy Easter Georgia!

The Reeds said...

Thanks Laura! I appreciate it!

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