April 8, 2014

Big Bad Wolf- Reflections on an almost three year old and her side kick

That's a long title my friend.

But I've missed it here.

And I'm excited.

Sit back and prepare for lots of caps locks. And if you love me AT ALL comment. If not, I will mail you something horrible.. like a half eaten noodle.

And I know who you are. (kind of).

So today I've kicked up my socked feet and am going to give you some insight into the wonderful shenanigans that is our life.

Tang It

And... that pantry is why I wanted this house. Clearly.
The other day I heard a little voice from the pantry say, "Mommy, I spilled a little."

I went in and there was Claire standing over an entire emptied container of Tang.

My face... I was holding back my frustration and shock.

Then she very gently said, "Everybody makes mistakes."

Anger dissipated.

I love this girl.

Claire is obsessed with stories. Obsessed I tell you.

Goldilocks. She now asked for "porridge" in the morning and when she lays down for her nap she says, "aaah... Jussst right!"

She asks me to tell her specific stories from my childhood. Right now her favorite is the time I got my shoelace caught in my bike and crashed.. then I ran home crying, dragging the bicycle behind me.

Only, then she begins to retell it as though it happened to her....

"When I was a little girl... I went fast fast fast on my bike! And I went CRASH!"

The Three Little Pigs.. Oh My Word. The big bad wolf is EVERYWHERE. Today she was running in the back yard with sheer delight which can only be attained from being a toddler and having zero, zilch, nada worries. Then she would stop and yell at the top of her lungs, "You're being TOO loud class!"

Then suddenly a squeal and I said, "What's wrong?!"
And she said, "Nothin'. Just scaring away the Big Bad Wolf."


And in the afternoon as a helicopter puttered overhead she threw her head back in wonder and yelled up at it, "BIGGGGG BAAAAAAADDDD WWWOOOOOLLLLFFFFF!!!!"

And in that moment, my hands covered in wet dark soil, the 9 month old's slobbery lips covered in dry grass, I thought to myself, "THIS is the best moment of my life."

And it is.

Giving up a career and work for "this"?

Totally worth it.

And the little one.. Oh the sweet little one.

With her little round head, big brown eyes, and sweet and easy demeanor.

Today she:
-sat up in her crib by herself for the first time
-finally crawled FORWARD for the first time instead of backwards around the entire living room
-finally clapped both hands together...
-started fake laughing/coughing and squnching up her face and showing her little upper gums in a fake smile

It's all just too cute not to share.


The Teacher said...

Glad to hear life after teaching is such a fun adventure!

Anonymous said...

I want a NOODLE!

Anonymous said...

half eaten of course..... You have my address although you might have to send it to several before you find me!

Bessie Ann said...

I cannot WAIT to be there with yall and to experience all these stories in person!!! I wonder what she'll be into then:)

The Reeds said...

Dev'n- it IS wonderful! The best even. :) And I have a feeling I know EXACTLY who wants a wet noodle. I will begin to soak one and give it to you when you're LEAST expecting it!

And Bessie.. I can't wait to see you soon. Sophie is all over the place now!

The Kowals said...

First off, The Three Little Pigs... I don't want to toot my own horn but I'm the bomb (do people still say that?) when it comes to telling that story -- i'm not joking. Next visit -- i'm all over it! Second point, What?! Sophie is 9 months already!? Of course Liam turns 1 in 3 days but still this is crazy G. Third, I do love you :)

The Reeds said...

I know Amanda! Time is flying! And seriously I can't wait for that- Claire will LOVE it!

Laura said...

Hi Georgia, I think a noodle would be in very bad shape by the time it arrived here to I better act fast! (if you consider three weeks later "fast"). I'm kinda catching up on reading blogs here and there. Your ever so kind comments on my last posts made yours a priority to read today during some down time. Thank you for reaching out to me in your kindness. It was so comforting.
On another note, what is Oatmeal Smiles? Kind of a public blog while this one remains private? I'm sure you've explained it but I've missed a lot.
Take care and keep pressing on in loving your little ones.

The Reeds said...

Laura, your noodle is already on it's way but will it get confiscated? Likely. So don't bother looking for it. ;)

I started Oatmeal Smiles to try to be more focused. I'm blogging about recipes, faith and family on it.

Both blogs are public but I'm purposely trying to generate audience in the other since this one is so random and has so much of the girls in it.

I'm confused as to what to do about their privacy/safety and the internet... :/ Hard stuff.

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