March 4, 2014

Rockin' and Rollin' and Photo Break- A Call for Mommy Wisdom

I'm in need of your mommy wisdom (or daddy wisdom!)

But first, I was really on a roll with a pic every day wasn't I?

Admit it, you were just waiting for me to quit.

     I know I was!  Ha!  (Longevity isn't my strong suit. ;))

In all honesty, the new site Oatmeal Smiles has taken up every waking minute of my time. Which makes my post there today, Dear Mommy of Littles- You Need This,  all the more meaningful.

Mommies of older kids- I would love to hear your thoughts on how to "live in the moment" with little kiddos.

Seriously, I'm looking for kind words and wise counsel from you. 

Especially when they do great things like poop in your hand in the park... Not that this happened to me.. last week. No. Not me!

But really, I'm posting today to talk about a new little direction you may notice here on Reed Up. Half of my offspring is in full on, "NO!" mode when I pull out my camera.

It's really dampening some family moments.

Today she actually said, "Leave me alone!"

That being said, I'm giving my girls a little break from being the subject of every day photography. I know Grethel Van Epps does it and I've tried! But our Pumpkin is seriously not into it right now.

I'll still take pics- but more of everyday items/life/us. 

How do you get great family pics?

And moms- how do you get ANY pics of yourself and your kids? (It's like I don't exist!)

I've noticed that the more there is OF ME the less pics of me. Anyone else?

So much love,


The Kowals said...

I don't know when you wrote this (or more so your oatmeal post) but our posts today are eerily similar and it makes me smile! We are meant to be friends :) So sweet G -- love it, love you.

The Reeds said...

My friend!! how did I not see your comment?! Wahh! That is so funny! I noticed how we were vibin' perfectly too! Can't wait to hang out "soon-ish". Maybe? :)
Love ya!

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