March 15, 2014

Nap Tricks & I got featured on Mama Gab!

Hey guys!
Oatmeal Smiles got featured on Mama Gab's Pin it Party! This is my first time to be featured and I'm pretty excited! Can you tell?
This is not a recent picture at all.. BUT it shows my excitement!
Today I wrote about our current nap battles.. Ugh..

That's all I can say. One big, ginormous UGH!

Click here to read the post 10 Tips & Tricks for Nap Success.

I mean, when do you just give up on naps all together? It's worth the battle I know. But as you guys know, sleep is such a precious thing!

Many of us have been walking this new mommy road together and know the battles we've had.

Add to the nap battle some general two year old contrariness.


      Today C went to the store with daddy. She came back visibly elated.

      I asked, "Did you have fun at the store with daddy?"

      She said, "Yes.... No! No I did NOT have fun at the store."

Basically it's a game of constant contradictions. Anyone else? 

I'd love some lights of hope in this parenting tunnel! ;) 

Parents of older children, does this get better?

 Is it worth the battle?

What battles are you currently fighting that cause you frustration?

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