March 10, 2014

Death to Freetime! And Three Bean Vegetarian Chili to Make it Not So Bad

My free time died a slow death and I didn't even go to the funeral.

I didn't even realize it was sick. 

I never heard it's little cough and murmurs.

Little tiny desks, roo shoes with a quarter in the side pocket for snack-time milk, quickly gave way to after school jobs, homework and social obligations.

Before I knew it I was sprinting through college hooked up to a coffee IV and then I was spat out into the world of "adulthood".

The thing is, when you become an adult, no one comes and explains that free time is a thing of the past. 

I kept thinking it would pop up again somewhere (and maybe it will).

Being a Stay At Home Mommy or SAHM for short, loomed ahead like a gleaming oasis....

I couldn't wait!

And here I am.

Don't you know I have even less free time now than I did as a teacher who never took breaks to go to the bathroom?

 It's insane!

 So in honor or no freetime I wrote a little poem.

Here it goes:
Free time free time, I think you cost so much.
 I wish there was more of you, in my little cup. 
The End. 

Oatmeal Smiles has taken up every last shred of my time.

Completely self inflicted insanity. That's what you do when you LOVE something! :)

Just today I posted a 3 Bean Vegetarian Chili that is seriously the easiest and cheapeast crock pot meal ever. And shockingly? Claire loved it! Who knew?

 All that to say, I miss this little cozy spot with you guys. And I WILL be back. I promise.

I even have a whole slew of pics from our trip out of town last week I am just dying to share with you.

Currently, my toddler.. .ugh... PRESCHOOLER is acting like she is SIXTEEN. How is this possible?!

This morning she tooted. I said, "What was that?!"

She said, "A watermelon... I tooted a watermelon."

What is something funny you've heard today?

Better yet, what made you laugh out loud today! 

 I need some humor!


Bessie Ann said...

You are so funny and smart Georgie! I love you and am so thankful you're my sister!

Bessie Ann said...

You are so funny and smart Georgie! I love you and am so thankful you're my sister!

The Reeds said...

Yay! You made it! ;) I love you so much! I can't wait to see you soon!

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