March 20, 2014

Blog Tips, Blog Awards and Jo!

This is a pic from March 15, 2014. See, I'm behind but still plugging away!

I am still making an effort to post a bit less of the girls to give them a break.

Today Oatmeal Smiles got an award! You can check it out here at "Blog Killers and Blog Thrillers: What Makes a Blog Successful."

Other bloggers always said they loved the blogging community and I never really got engaged in it until Oatmeal Smiles (where I'm actually wanting more traffic) verses here where I'm pretty established with friends from my daily life.

For the first time I'm seeing what people have been talking about!

Tea Party!

Today I went for lunch in a tea room and Claire LOVED it! Complete with tiaras, big brimmed-flower-topped hats, boas and all. We "may" have a birthday party there this summer! ;)


Claire officially has a filler word.
She says "Detta" in response to most anything.

"How are you feeling?" Detta!
"What do you want to eat?" Detta!
"Is this your cup?" Detta!

And there is only one word to describe Sophie. Sweet. She's such a character and acts shy and smiley all the time.

I love it!

If you blog, do you feel like you have a blog community or blog friends?
What about facebook?


Jen Price said...

So cute that she has a word she uses for everything. Kids are so fun. In the past couple of years, I've focused more on writing for other websites so my personal blog has been neglected a bit. Before that I had a great blog community but it's slowly dwindled because I haven't put much TLC into it.

The Reeds said...

Jen, Thanks for the comment. I can't believe I didn't write back. I remember even reading it! I am neglecting here now.. :( I really don't want to since it's my "happy place".

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