February 3, 2014

My Fifth Blog Post- A Look Back at Story Telling and Memory Keeping

My former (and truly wonderful) student teacher (Hi Dev'n!) is now living abroad and keeping her own blog. She is taking part in a little writing experiment with prompts for an entire month.

Today's prompt was just too tempting..

Prompt:  Look at the 5th post you ever wrote on this blog. In hindsight, what do you think about your frame of mind and your style of writing?
My curiosity got the better of me and I had to check out my own fifth blog post ever (More From Kidepo from July 6, 2007) to see what it says about where I was then and where I am now.

Where was I? I was in Africa in a remote game park near the Sudanese and Kenyan borders of Uganda. We had travelled up in our friends' Non Governmental vehicle on bumpy roads.

Where am I now? Smack dab in the middle of suburban American life- with snoozing babies, crockpot recipes stacked beside me and electricity buzzing all around.

The post itself was simple. The change in our lives it highlights is profound.

It's primarily only pictures (which admittedly I just made larger). I wanted to share the adventures we were on so I could feel connected to home (and my mom). I was desperate for connection to home.

In hindsight- it's overly simplistic but I didn't know of many blogs or how this whole blog thing should work (and I still don't!). I had slow connection and had to upload blogs when we were in the capital (hence the small pictures/quality).
See that little flat thing about an inch to the left of the tree in the forefront? That's the roof of an outhouse.. A real, life sized outhouse swallowed up by grass.
Also, I didn't explain much... there is a picture of grass and I commented on how tall it was and the latrine (outhouse) that was lost in the grass. That grass was massive six foot tall grass. Can you imagine that? I could get lost in it and wouldn't dare go walk in it for danger of cobras or simply of getting lost.

Imagine mowing that!

That post is primarily pictures.. I'm an English teacher by trade and I have loved writing and telling stories since before I could read (I would pretend to write books). But I also love pictures.. and images. I love capturing a little piece of story.. a  little piece of beauty.

I'm of the mindframe that every image is, like us, in some way beautiful. Even the blurry throw away images are beautiful in some way.

Looking back I see that our lives have taken such drastic changes.. Instead of living in adventure and disconnected we are now seemingly "connected" to our families and living quite mundane lives, especially myself. Getting in my car and leaving the house equals some bit of adventure now with two children in tow.

Life is different and this little speck in the blogosphere has been with us through that change.

This blog is seven years old.

It's been with us through a lot- as we've moved continents and gone through the difficult adjustments that entails.. as we've worked stateside... grown our family and more.

For me it's special. It's a digital journey that tells our story.

Looking back was nice today- like blowing the dust off of an old album and gently turning back pages.
I also noticed we look different... older, less skinny and much less sunburned... and much less in danger of being trampled by a drunk elephant!
I like telling our story.. I like remembering where we've been.

Looking back I wish I had told more of our story. I wish I had been more open and honest about some dangers and experiences. I was too busy filtering everything through my own fears of judgment.

I don't want to look back someday and wish I had captured more  of this present story. I want to grab hold of it and dive into it and remember it fully.

So I will keep writing. I will keep story weaving and documenting.

We are all storytellers and memory keepers... Weave your stories and share your memories.

Here's to many more stories~

If you blog- what does your fifth blog post say about where you were and where you are now? I'm super nosy and curious!

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