February 9, 2014

February 9, 2014- When a Blurry Photo is Your Best

When a blurry photo of your dog's snout is the best picture you took all day you know you need to make a bigger effort.

Believe it or not she wanted to be in this picture and is somewhat trying  here. It's been a rough-no-nap-kind of day.

Claire falls out of her big bed

The other night Claire woke up screaming. I ran to her and couldn't find her! I followed the crying and she was crying under her table beside her big bed (where she's been sleeping for the past week).

I picked her up gently and said, "Did you fall?"

Claire said, "Yea... I bumped my head!"

"Where did you bump it?" I asked, rubbing her head gently.

"Under the table! And it was dark. And I was lost. And I couldn't see you!"

I laid her back in her bed and immediately she was out.

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