February 4, 2014

February 4, 2014- Sophie Seven Months

Sophie is seven months old today. Not to be entirely cliche but, time is flying!
Ruffle butt.. Man I love it!

Her face is blurry here but look!! Her tooth! It's my first photographic proof of its existence.

Psst... I'm cute!

A few notes on Sophie:

She is officially experiencing separation anxiety. She only wants mommy.  Now that I've been down this parenting road I am in no hurry for this stage to end. Once it did with Claire she had no need for me for quite some time so I'm relishing all of the "mommy love".

Sophie doesn't like any solids. It's so shocking especially considering how she eyes our ribs and chips. So far sweet potatoes are the only palatable item for her.

She lights up when Claire comes in the room and she does that wonderful little shy baby move where she smiles at someone and then buries her head in my chest.

She has rosy cheeks and a velvety soft little head.

Claire worries about her a lot and calls her "sissy" (where did that come from?!). She often tells us to "be kiet" because Sophie is sleeping and if Sophie starts to cry even a little she asks me to go get her.

We love our girls so much.


Amy said...

Sometimes those independent kiddos go through an "I need Mommy" phase around age four. You might get more cuddles out of her yet.

The Reeds said...

I hope so Amy! Thanks for offering hope! :)

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