February 21, 2014

February 21, 2014

Claire had a milk allergy as a baby. I had a milk allergy as a baby. It runs in the family.

When you deal with allergies you realize how dismissive people can be. If they can't see the problem it doesn't exist.

I can't even imagine how it is for my friends whose kids have serious allergies with major outbreaks or even anaphlaxis if they eat or touch the offending food. I see how hard it is for them and I'm sorry for it.

Claire is fine now. I'm fine. I only avoid bananas (that make me itch) and I don't rub my face in cats' fur and I don't go around chewing on weeds (of the annoying field variety thankyouverymuch).

So maybe I got arrogant.

I gave Sophie Greek yogurt this week and she slept like, well, a baby.

I gave her more.

And today her little ear was flaking and her head was all dry and flaky. Her little eyes were just getting swollen and she barely slept a wink.

My happy little easy girl was not happy or easy.

I'm hoping it's not the yogurt. I like no allergies. A lot.

Doesn't she look just miserable here? I'm hoping it's a fluke.


Jen Price said...

Hope she's ok! Allergies are no bueno.

The Reeds said...

Thanks Jen! I'm hoping it's not that either... She's better today though! :)

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