February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014- In Which I am Exhausted (and Candid!)

My best picture for today:

On a lighter night: Claire kept running around the house yelling, "I'm broccoli!! I'm broccoli!" I finally realized she was saying, "I'm sparkly! I'm sparkly!" In reference to the glitter on her dress. Obviously.

I am exhausted. If I were forced to elaborate I would compare it to a garage you hose out with  a water hose til all of the little leaves and dirt are in the driveway and the concrete is all wet and dark from being washed off.

That would be the inside of my head. And it would also be a gas tank that would be empty. And far from a gas station.

Sometimes the days where we do the most are the days with the least pictures.

Today was a pumpkin bread baking (thanks for the inspiration friend) and house cleaning kind of day in which I *think* I brushed my teeth. But I can't recall...

I'm about to go park my empty garage, washed out gas tank brain in a bed and get some shut eye.

Here's to hoping the little two foot human in the house also thinks sleep is a good idea tonight. Please? Pretty pretty please?

So tired- but posting here for you, my imaginary friends,

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