February 11, 2014

February 11, 2014- Turbo Charged Hide-n-Seek

Are you willing to be a fool for your child?

Please tell me yes so I won't feel so crazy.

I never knew I could act so well.

Or sing so well for that matter.

We play hide-n-seek multiple times a day. Claire rarely moves.

She just keeps demanding we count and find her. 
"Underwear in the picture? Really mom?" I can hear her as a sixteen year old already.

Today she hid:

-under the exersaucer (in plain sight) but with her head up through the seat and her eyes peeking through the leg holes

- behind the chair.

On her way there she said, "You count. I hide behind the chair."

Roger that.

- in the laundry hamper.
Note the unbrushed hair. It's my specialty.

Each time I would find her and then be instructed to immediately go and "find her" again while she stayed in that location at least for five more rounds.

Each time, I walk around slowly like a silent film villain, legs wide apart, hands up, saying, "Could she be.... behind the... COUCH!" Then I lunge at the couch and feign shock and disappointment.

To this she giggles and makes noises so I can find her.

But I'm not that easily bought off and I want to act some more so I continue on.

"Could she be.... behind this... PILLOW!" As I dramatically yank away a tiny pillow and feign disappointment.

I feel like I deserve a patch at moments like this. The times where I put my to-do list aside and just enjoy my little one.

A friend with older children said how quickly it goes and before you know it they will be in school and wanting to play only with friends.

That made me think a lot. All Claire wants is our attention. She wants us to play with her, read with her, sit with her, etc. And I'm always busy: cleaning, cooking, reading, etc.

I thought she is already 2 1/2 and if she starts school at five I'm already halfway through the most intensive time I will ever get with her.

If she does pre-school my time is almost over.

That put things in perspective and got me to doing some seriously dramatic seeking.

Enjoy your littles today friends~

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