February 10, 2014

Daddy's Birthday!

Today was Daddy's birthday.

 He's a closet introvert (did you know that?) and would just as well do very very little for his birthday.

We went out with friends. Sophie was clearly enjoying herself and Claire has a hold on me in a unique way. Doesn't she look like her daddy here?
I push for explosions, fireworks and cakes but he'd rather go for fewer streamers, no confetti and minimal slaps on the back.

We settled on a small intimate celebration of him.
I came out from putting Sophie down to find this... A sweet daddy/daughter moment where Claire learned how to celebrate with a little "horn" thing-a-ma-call-it.

But once Claire caught wind that it was his birthday there was no stopping her!

She got pretty good at it.
(She has more party spirit you see.)

So we went to the store and Claire knew what we HAD to get:

-Daddy needed a candle.

She then practiced blowing it out over and over again.

-Daddy needed a cake!!!

She repeated this excitedly and then giggled hunched over with her eyes shut in glee at the hungry prospect of sugar.

-Daddy needed  a balloon.

And it must be pink, because daddy's favorite color is pink. Her favorite color she declared, was poople. 

So shop we did. And practice singing happy birthday we did. And applaud we did. Over and over again all day long.

All of the practice, and her excitement, made it one of the sweetest birthdays ever.

She said, "It's daddy's birthday today!" no less than twenty times.

We're laughing because Claire was REALLY upset I left my paper thing on my "horn watch-a-ma-call-it".
After we had cake, she kept saying, "This was a good good day! I'm happy!"

She loves sugar like her momma.
At last- conformity.

And then she described the lion she says is roaring everywhere (tonight it was in her room).

Jacob quizzed her.

"How many eyes does it have?"

"Mmmm... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Five."

"How many ears does it have?"

"1, 2, 3.. Three."

And so on. We passed smiling glances at one another and I doodled her creation as he interviewed her. And the lion is small like a cup and pink.. no.. brown (it changes), and most decidedly does NOT have a tail because it fell off.

Happy birthday daddy. I hope you know how deeply you are loved.

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