January 15, 2014


So as a parent basically our entire lives are models for our children.

At lunch with a friend the other day she said she started trying to read her Bible during the day while her toddler was with her and had her toddler "read" beside her or play quietly. Of course modelling this valuable beahvior.

She said it went well and she had never thought of it!

And you know what- I was so shocked at myself because that thought has never even occurred to me. I try to steal minutes for myself or read at the table while she's preoccupied (if I even do while she's up)- but I never considered actually explaining what I'm doing and making it a "thing".

A few times I "had" to pray for something and during the day (you know, not just "throw" up prayers or "drive by" prayers but sit down, get quiet and listen also prayers) while she was playing I acutally got situated, bowed my head and "really" got into my prayer. Each time she got concerned and asked what I was doing and then was like, "Oh.. Okay, mommy's praying." And what a model- to show her this is something we DO. Daily.

Isn't it crazy that I had never actually considered just doing these things, explaining them and even incporporating my child (through quiet play etc.)?

How do you get your disciplines incorporated into your day? Even exercise? I'm curious!

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