January 9, 2014

January 9, 2014- Teething

Sophie is definitely teething. The only time she was happy yesterday was the minute my finger made contact with her little gums with some Orajel.

So today we gnawed on things.

Well, Sophie mainly gnawed on things.

Claire's new thing is wanting to take pictures with my camera. I'm happy to share something with her like this and let her. Today she ran to get her camera too.

And here are some interesting links I thought you might like.

Take this Time Magazine quiz and let it guess how conservative or liberal you are. I was 52% liberal according to the quiz. Their premise is interesting. What are you?!

For Christmas Jacob got me a Fitbit Force which is really a glorified pedometer you wear on your wrist. I've been trying to hit 10,000 steps a day. So I found this NPR article interesting: The Anthropology of Walking.


Laura said...

I have a Fitbit too! The Fitbit One, so I clip it on. It does inspire me to walk more does yours? But sorry, in 96 degrees and 60% humidity, I'm still not gonna go take a real exercise walk! :)

Do you find that it gets all wonky in the car? I guess it's the vibrations, but it adds a lot of steps in the car. I'm trying to remember to take it off in the car so I can stay accurate.

Happy Walking!

The Reeds said...

Hi Laura! The fitbit DOES inspire me to walk more! I actually walked 5,000 steps in my living room the other night so I could reach my goal. I did it while I watched shows but mainly the clock. It makes me much more mindful of down activity. My old pedometer did that weird thing in the car but the arm one doesn't. However.. (I should do a review!) it doesn't count steps when you're doing nurturing things.. like walking carrying a child, pushing a cart/buggy/stroller, walking with a laundry basket etc. These are problematic for me. :) Overall though I like it.

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