January 7, 2014

January 7, 2014- "Light Box" and "Can You Say Yes Ma'am?"

 We have a curtain in our living room that's simple and white. In the evenings it acts as a light box diffusing all of this gorgeous light all around.

As we sat and watched Sophie play I let Claire take pictures of me and she in turn told me stories and occasionally gave Sophie kisses. She truly is the sweetest big sister ever. I'm so so thankful.

Later we went for a walk around the block with Claire actually walking/trailing behind. She stood under each and every conifer tree and yelled, "I'm in the forest!! Look at me!" As she turned slowly in wonder and awe looking up at the branches. It was a long walk. But so so sweet.

At some point in the day I asked her to hand me some pumpkin seeds we were snacking on, thinking I would empower her and include her in what I was doing.

She promptly said, "No." Simply and flatly.

I had my hand out waiting for the seeds and she was touching it. When I finally turned to look at her she had a stern look on her face with some mischief flickering on her brow.  She said, "Can you say yes ma'am?".... Dramatic pause.

Oh dear!

She then didn't miss a beat and said authoritatively, "I am mommy."

She then collapsed in giggles at my surprise and delight at her wit.

Much fun!

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