January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014- Cheeks

January 6, 2014. Today is my sister's birthday! Happy birthday Eden! (what a cool name she has right?) Today we gave Sophie carrots but all of the pictures were too yellow/orange from the lighting. No joke. But this picture won out.. These cheeks..Too sweet!
And as a bonus, after work Jacob and I both sat down to read for a bit. Suddenly, we both became aware at once it was too quiet. What did we see?


The Kowals said...

G, I am SO loving the blog. Awesome job on cherishing every moment and O dear all the pictures. I love it, them - all of it (as brighton would say) My most favorite is the one of Sophie in the ridiculously cute blue pigtail hat where Sophie is in little pink shoes, sitting up, missing a glove on one hand and looking like the cutest thing in the whole world!!!! Eek -- i need to hug and kiss that little girl soon. lots of love sister

The Reeds said...

Thanks Amanda! Can't wait to get together soon. Loving yours too. You look adorable as always!

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