January 3, 2014

January 3, 2014- Cold January Walk

Sometimes I wonder why I don't "do more". You know, just get out more, take the girls shopping, go on walks every day. Then, I actually do those things and I remember why I don't. It's work when you're managing three people and one can't walk and the other says "no" and runs away. Oh yeah.. That's why.

Today was cold but I bundled everyone up. By the time I did so, Claire decided she most definitely did NOT want to go on a walk. I was determined. She sat quietly and kept asking to go back home.

At one point I heard her little voice from the stroller saying, "Mommy, are you happy?.. I'm.... (muffled voice.)"

I stopped and got on my knees and asked her what she said, thinking she was unhappy and that I didn't want to scar her for walks.

She said, "I'm happy.. because I'm with you."


Lastly, Claire and I went outside. When I brought her hat to her I saw that she was on her tricycle peddling and riding! Woah! Then she began to sing loudly (and correctly), "Santa Claus is coming to town!"...

Where did she learn THAT? We don't watch much tv and definitely didn't teach her that.

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