January 16, 2014

January 16, 2014- Too Tights

We are on our third day and night with NO paci. For Claire that is. This is big for us! It's like me going without chocolate.  That's big.

Lately, when I sit to rock/nurse Sophie Claire runs up and says, "I sit in the rocking chair by myself!"

And I inevitably and good naturedly say something about how I AM sitting in the chair with Sophie and she can sit in it later.

This morning, the minute I got up Claire took my position and whispered gently as she rocked "Baby Alli".

So sweet!

I tried to snap one picture and this was all I got before she popped up quickly and ran away.

Paparazzi. What a drag.

Today as I was dressing Claire to go out for lunch with friends I grabbed her red tights and she said, 'I put on my red too-tights by myself!"

I think it's cute that she calls them "too-tights" and really- that makes perfect sense!

Daddy got a guitar for his birthday. Modelling yet again! We all hope to learn a little together.

Last night while trying to get Claire to go to sleep I at last said firmly, "Claire, it is time to sleep!" to which she responded by crying loudly and wailing, "What are my options??!!"

So funny.

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