January 14, 2014

January 14, 2014- Six Months Sophie

Sophie went in today for her six month appointment.  I tried to take a self portrait of us together at her appointment. ..
 You can see how that went.
 I like the above photo because the building across the way is the one where both Claire and Sophie were born.
 Sophie is 15.2 ounces and 27 inches long. The pediatrician says nursed babies are long and lean and both of my girls have been.
 Rough day after shots.

 But still as cute as ever.
 Sometimes my favorite pictures are the blurry/messed up ones. This one is adorable to me! Don't you think?

Everytime I get her in focus and then look up above the camera to make her smile I cut something out. But man, the smile is so sweet!
 Today was gorgeous. It was a "No flies so the windows could be left open West Texas day". So nice! We took advantage and got outside. I looked up and saw that Claire had lugged a chair over to Sophie and "had" her feet propped up on the toy. As soon as she saw me she immediately dropped them down and proceeded to run away.

As soon as I said, "Okay- I'll just take a picture of Sohpie..."

She began to run back saying, "Take my picture.." (below).
Every time Claire saw me she shouted, "No!" dramatically with her hand in front of her face like I am paparazzi. Perhaps she is preparing for a future in the spotlight? 

Last night Claire slept (great!) without her paci. I had high hopes for her nap today but it has turned out to be a screaming, "You Can't Make Me" fight to the end.


The Kowals said...

Love all these pictures G! I agree about the second one -- so special those birth memories and places will be cherished forever (for better or for worse!) I don't know why but the pictures where baby is so weepy and sad is actually so endearing. And, the I "heart" auntie just puts the adorable-ness over the top! Love that girl. Yes the best photos are often blurry and unintentionally cropped. Such is life :)

The Reeds said...

Thanks friend. I love looking at one anothers' pictures. It's like we're still in the same city. :)

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