January 12, 2014

January 12, 2014- The First Untruth

Claire loves her baby doll.
Claire has been pretty honest with us thus far. Many times to her detriment.

Well, tomorrow night at 10 pm she officially turns 2 1/2 years old and tonight she broke that honest streak.

We are trying to work her off her pacifier/paci and bedtimes have been a tedious affair for about a week or so.

Tonight she was crying yet again so I went into her and in the dark found her sitting on her bed. She talked in her little falsetto-bedtime-voice and said she was sitting on her bed (as though that explained WHY she was up).

I tucked her back in gently, with her lion and her last remaining paci- a pig wubanub with a hole in the tip. We call it "Piggy".

 I handed her Piggy in the dark, kissed her sweet little head and said, "Do you know how much I love you?"

I left the room and before I could even sit down I heard a great wailing, "Mommmmmmyyyyyyyy!!!"

I went back in and knelt by her bed in the dark and asked what was wrong. "I want my piggy paci!" she cried.

 I said, "But... I JUST gave it to you."

Claire cried, "I waannnt my pigggy paci!"

 I said, "Claire, where did it go?"

And in typical Claire fashion she fessed up in a tiny voice, "I threw it."

 "Claire! You threw it?!" I sighed and began to crawl around on all fours patting the floor searching for Piggy as she lay in bed waiting patiently. At last logic struck me like a bolt of lightning and I crawled back to her bed and went into a long spiel about how if she throws pacis then there is no paci. I steeled myself for a fight and went on into how we'ved talked about this for weeks and she's a big girl and she can sleep without her paci and I love her.

And in the midst of this she was silent.. and at last I heard a rustling... Then saw a spark of something plastic in the covers...

 and voila! Piggy emerged by her head and she said sweetly, "I found it!" and then I heard the "squeak! squeak! squeak" of her sucking on the broken paci.

She had hidden it between her legs and had me patting down her entire bedroom floor!

I was flabbergasted and couldn't even respond.

 Claire was sensing that I wasn't happy and after a bit I felt a little warm hand find mine in the dark and an even tinier voice say, "Sorry."

Ah Claire! You are something else!

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