January 10, 2014

January 10, 2014- Daddy at Work and No Sew Doll Diapers

Claire does this thing where she covers her mouth and whispers in a falsetto as though that makes her disobedient request either a.) subliminal or b.) obedient.

It's cute. And bizarre. But mainly cute.

In the above picture the girls were visiting Jacob at work after lunch. He had just taken the water bottle away from Claire and she was covering her mouth and whispering, "Can I have water?" over and over again in a falsetto whisper.

This girl!

Last night I napped with Sophie and skipped family dinner which is highly highly unusual. Then I was going to meet a friend for coffee. Claire said, "Where mommy goes?" sadly. I explained where I was going and she hugged me and said, "Don't go..."

Melt. My. Heart.

That was a first and definitely hard to leave after that! That called for some cuddles and reading. Thankfully my friend is super flexible. Thanks friend!

Getting Crafty

Today I got a little creative and made little felt diapers (idea from KOJO Designs "no-sew wool felt diapers")and a dress for her baby doll. Fun days!

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